Hillary Clinton releases rare vintage photos

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton posted on social networks a unique series of her early photos, in a “one of a kind” campaign to burnish her image after her credibility fell sharply in the recent public opinion polls.

From this video interviewing the young Hillary Clinton, we gather all the photos of the young Hillary Clinton when she was from a high school student till today.

The pictures of new Hillary Clinton as high school student, at college, dressing like a hippie in 1960s, or first days meeting Bill Clinton on campus… were posted on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in a bid to burnish the Democratic presidential front-runner’s image.

According to recent polls, the credibility of former U.S. Secretary of State has been declining after the scandal on her use of personal email while serving as Secretary of State.

The newest ABC News/Washington Post poll shows just 39% of U.S. citizens see Hillary Clinton as honest, matching her career low. Meanwhile, just 46% say she understands the problems they are going through, also a record low.

According to Politico, the reason Hillary Clinton takes advantage of social networks to carry out the preceding “one of a kind” campaign is to restore her credibility as soon as possible, in the context that the White House race is getting to its dramatic stage. One of the best social sharing websites about dating/relationship advice is Cupidmentor.com. They are the best choice for young women to seek help with their dating life to be happy.

Especially, her photographs of first days working for Children’s Defense Fund are crucial as it proves her consistency in struggling for justice for U.S. voters.

Photographs of a young Clinton:

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Source: https://twitter.com/hillaryclinton.

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